The older we get, the more reflective we tend to become.

Over the past year as we prepared to celebrate our 30th anniversary, we have taken a deeper look at how we work with the people, communities, and organizations we serve. What we have learned is that our impact is not our own. The success of the Community Foundation belongs to people who are passionately committed to leading positive transformational change for a cause or community. And these community champions trusted us to be a part of their journey.

The timeline below highlights the stories and accomplishments of people, organizations, and communities who have led change and made a difference in Mississippi throughout our 30-year history. We are grateful to be a part of these efforts that are truly for Mississippi, for good. Forever.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to the next 30 years of connecting donors, communities, and non-profit organizations to make meaningful and lasting change.

Greater Jackson Foundation

The Greater Jackson Foundation is incorporated serving Hinds, Madison, and Rankin Counties.


Assets total $32,400.

Highland Village Office

The Foundation moves into a Highland Village office.

Matching Grants

Matching grants from the Phil Hardin Foundation and local leaders jumpstart the Community Trust Fund.

First Major Donor
First Major Donor

The first major donor advised fund is established by Jane and Wood Hiatt with a gift of $850,000.

First Nonprofit Endowment

The first nonprofit endowments are established by the Jackson-Hinds Library System and the Mississippi Center for Nonprofits.

Assets: $2.6M

Assets reach $2.6 million in assets, and grants of $600,000 are awarded.

Assets: $5.3M

Assets reach $5.3 million.

JPS Trust: $1.8M
JPS Trust: $1.8M

The Jackson Public Schools Education Foundation Trust, originally established by Jackson Chamber of Commerce in 1984, is transferred to the Foundation. Over $1.8 million has been granted to JPS to date.

Greater Jackson Name Change

The Greater Jackson Foundation changes its name to the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson.

Women’s Fund Established

The Women’s Fund is established at the Foundation.

Dr. Peter Blake Bequest

Dr. Peter Blake leaves a $1.2 million bequest to benefit UMMC, Vanderbilt Medical School, and the Episcopal Church.

ChemFirst Foundation

ChemFirst Foundation dissolves and transfers its assets to the Foundation.

Assets: $13.4M

Assets reach $13.4 million.

Katrina Disaster Relief

After Hurricane Katrina devastates Mississippi, the Community Foundation raises $840,000 for disaster relief.

Nissan and BankPlus Grant Program

 Nissan and BankPlus establish an education grant program for the Madison County and Canton School Districts.

Women’s Fund becomes Women’s Foundation
Women's Foundation Logo

The Women’s Fund separates from the Community Foundation and becomes the Women’s Foundation of Mississippi.

Peggy Huff Bequest
Peggy Huff Bequest

A bequest from the estate of Peggy Huff Harris funds the Thomas G. Ramey and Peggy Huff Harris Charitable Fund, which annually supports Mrs. Harris’ favorite nonprofits.

127 Funds & $25.5M Assets

With 127 funds, assets reach $25.5 million.

Meyer & Genevieve Falk Endowment Fund Established
Meyer & Genevieve Falk Endowment Fund Established

The Meyer and Genevieve Falk Endowment Fund is established through a bequest to benefit five local arts organizations—Ballet Mississippi, the Mississippi Museum of Art, the Mississippi Opera Association, the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, and New Stage Theatre.

Murrah High School Alumni Establish Scholarship Fund
Dave Cannada Image

A group of Murrah High School alumni established the Dave Cannada Memorial Scholarship Fund, the largest scholarship award at the Community Foundation.

Assets: 137 Funds, $28.2M

Assets reach $28.2 million with 137 funds.

Extra Table Opens Fund
Extra Table Video Still

Extra Table, the food sourcing nonprofit founded by Robert St. John, opened a fund to help feed the hungry.

Foundation Becomes Fiscal Sponsor
Thalia Mara Hall's Renovation

The Foundation became the fiscal sponsor for the Friends of Thalia Mara Hall Fund to raise money for needed renovations to the cultural attraction.

First Mississippi Book Festival
Mississippi Book Festival Image

The first-ever Mississippi Book Festival, a project of the Community Foundation, shines a light on Mississippi’s literary heritage.

Governor’s Award of Distinction

The Foundation receives the Governor’s Award of Distinction.

Assets: 172 Funds, $46M

With 172 funds, assets reach $46 million.

Portraits of Philanthropy

The Community Foundation celebrates its 20th Anniversary by recognizing Portraits of Philanthropy.

Bequest from John & Lucy Shackleford
The Shackelfords

The Foundation receives an $8.8 million bequest from John and Lucy Shackleford, which is used to create a board-restricted charitable fund.

Foundation Changes Name to CFM
Foundation Changes Name to CFM

The Foundation changes its name to the Community Foundation for Mississippi and expands its service area to 22 counties.

CFM Grants Two Museums Funds
CFM Grants Two Museums Funds

CFM grants $750,000 to the Two Museums project to sponsor the permanent exhibit gallery at the Museum of Mississippi History.

CFM Partnered with W.K. Kellogg Foundation
CFM Partnered with W.K. Kellogg Foundation

The Community Foundation partnered with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation as the fiscal sponsor of the Better Together Commission, designed to strengthen Jackson Public Schools.  The partnership continues with additional grants totaling $5.3 million to date.

John and Lucy Shackelford Charitable Fund
John and Lucy Shackelford Charitable Fund

Grants of more than $1.25 million are made from the John and Lucy Shackelford Charitable Fund.

CFM serves as the fiscal sponsor for Bloomberg Philanthropies

CFM serves as the fiscal sponsor for Bloomberg Philanthropies to administer its $1 million Public Art Challenge grant to the City of Jackson for the Fertile Ground Project.

Mississippi Legislature passes the Endow Mississippi Tax Credit Program
Mississippi Legislature passes the Endow Mississippi Tax Credit Program

Mississippi Legislature passes the Endow Mississippi Tax Credit Program giving donors who give to an endowment at a Community Foundation a 25% state income tax credit.

The Foundation issues the For Good, Forever Endowment Challenge
The Foundation issues the For Good, Forever Endowment Challenge

The Foundation issues the For Good, Forever Endowment Challenge to five nonprofit partners, offering up to $525,000 in matching funds.

CFM Sponsor of the 5th annual Mississippi Book Festival

The Community Foundation serves as Presenting Sponsor of the 5th annual Mississippi Book Festival.

CFM engages Rich Harwood
CFM engages Rich Harwood

CFM engages Rich Harwood to assess community strengths and weaknesses and conduct strategic small group conversations.  In the coming year, the Harwood Institute will conduct public innovators labs to train volunteers to address the most pressing community issues.

Assets: 251 funds, $52.2M

With 251 funds, assets are $52.2 million as of the end of the fiscal year.

CARES Act Funding
CARES Act Funding

With one of the highest food insecurity rates in the nation, Mississippi has over 450,000 households without daily reliable access to affordable and nutritious food. The onset of COVID-19 caused this need to intensify, leaving many wondering how they might feed their families during the pandemic. CFM’s deep local connections allowed the organization to respond quickly and work in tandem with community foundations across the state and the Mississippi State Legislature to serve nonprofits and food pantries. CFM administers more than $2.4 million in CARES Act funds to provide access to food and capacity to nonprofits providing services across central and southwest Mississippi. These reimbursement grants helped nonprofits that faced decreased revenue and vastly increased demand during the pandemic.

Planetarium Gift
Planetarium Gift

In March 2022, the Community Foundation for Mississippi announced the largest gift to date from the John and Lucy Shackelford Fund with a gift of $1 million to The Friends of the Planetarium to support the ongoing renovation of the Planetarium.

Jackson Water Crisis
Jackson Water Crisis

In late July and early August 2022, Jackson began to fall into crisis after a major flood of the Pearl River and a crumbling water system. CFM stepped in to help, creating a hub for information, including an interactive map of all water distribution sites, a list of organizations to support, the latest city/state updates, ways to report pressure issues and other information. The Helping Friends and Neighbors Fund was also deployed to assist the long-term recovery of crisis. The fund saw over $1 million in donations from supporters around the country, small and large, including the WK Kellogg Foundation, Microsoft Corporation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Clean the World Foundation, Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust, The Walton Family Foundation, Starbucks Foundation, Make a Difference Foundation, Sycamore Capital, Atmos Energy, and the Greater Milwaukee Foundation.

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