We invite you to read a few stories and highlights from the past 30 years. While these stories provide a window into our history, they only represent a fraction of the work of our community partners, donors, and friends. Thank you all for being a part of our journey.

Amplifying Giving in Mississippi

The Community Foundation for Mississippi joined the Mississippi Alliance of Nonprofits and Philanthropy and other community foundations across the state to advocate for the Endow Mississippi Tax Credit Program. After years of work, the program passed in the 2019 Legislature.

Endow Mississippi incentivizes philanthropy, encourages charitable giving, and builds on the strong tradition of neighbors helping neighbors in our state. The tax credit program provides a 25% tax credit to donors who give to permanent endowments at qualified Community Foundations.

Donors who give from a minimum of $1000 ($250 state tax credit) to a maximum of $200,000 ($50,000 state tax credit) to an endowment at a qualified Community Foundation are eligible for the credit. A total of $500,000 of tax credits are available annually.

After its first year, the program had a $2 million impact on charitable causes in the state.