We invite you to read a few stories and highlights from the past 30 years. While these stories provide a window into our history, they only represent a fraction of the work of our community partners, donors, and friends. Thank you all for being a part of our journey.

For the Culture and Arts

The Meyer and Genevieve Falk Endowment Fund for Culture and Arts was born from Genevieve’s love for and commitment to the arts in Jackson. Genevieve left a bequest to benefit five arts organizations—Ballet Mississippi, Mississippi Museum of Art, Mississippi Opera Association, Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, and New Stage Theatre—in addition to any other arts organization the Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees identified as aligned with Genevieve’s philanthropic mission in the future.

Genevieve’s granddaughter, Lynn Crystal shared her perspective on the motivation and importance of leaving a legacy gift.

“I think the family’s commitment to being charitable comes from the Jewish tradition of charity, taking care of your community. I once heard a rabbi say that it is more important to care for your community than for your neighbor, and more important to care for your neighbor than yourself.”