We invite you to read a few stories and highlights from the past 30 years. While these stories provide a window into our history, they only represent a fraction of the work of our community partners, donors, and friends. Thank you all for being a part of our journey.

John and Lucy Shackelford Charitable Fund

Mississippi Museum of Art

We received a grant from the Community Foundation for Mississippi to renovate the Museum’s ‘creative corridor’ that extends from the Museum’s Art Garden to the Westin Hotel. The $180,000 gift from the Shackleford Fund transformed the corridor, now called The Art Alley, into a safe, well-lit, and tranquil path. Community foundations like the Community Foundation for Mississippi play a key role in identifying and solving community problems. By bringing together the resources of individuals and businesses alike, they support the arts, education, health care, and the general well-being of our communities.

Betsy Bradley, director, Mississippi Museum of Art

Oaks House Museum

The grant from the John F. and Lucy Shackleford Fund was given to make critical structural improvements to the Oaks House Museum and preserve this unique historic structure. The museum educates visitors about the early history of Jackson and provides educational programs in an environment that allows visitors to experience 19th-century life. The Community Foundation for Mississippi stimulates charitable giving for projects in our community and others nearby that all Mississippians can appreciate and enjoy.

Linda Thompson Robertson, volunteer, Oaks House Museum

Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery is unique in its role as Jackson’s oldest historic landmark and its original graveyard. The Shackelford’s extraordinary gift and the vision of beautification of downtown Jackson have been a game-changer. Funding for historic cemeteries is very hard to find. Donations to the Greenwood Cemetery Fund at the Community Foundation for Mississippi will ensure that improvements made now will be maintained in the future.

Cecile Wardlaw, president, Greenwood Cemetery Association