We invite you to read a few stories and highlights from the past 30 years. While these stories provide a window into our history, they only represent a fraction of the work of our community partners, donors, and friends. Thank you all for being a part of our journey.

CARES Act Funding

With one of the highest food insecurity rates in the nation, Mississippi has over 450,000 households without daily reliable access to affordable and nutritious food. The onset of COVID-19 caused this need to intensify, leaving many wondering how they might feed their families during the pandemic. CFM’s deep local connections allowed the organization to respond quickly and work in tandem with community foundations across the state and the Mississippi State Legislature to serve nonprofits and food pantries. CFM administers more than $2.4 million in CARES Act funds to provide access to food and capacity to nonprofits providing services across central and southwest Mississippi. These reimbursement grants helped nonprofits that faced decreased revenue and vastly increased demand during the pandemic.