We invite you to read a few stories and highlights from the past 30 years. While these stories provide a window into our history, they only represent a fraction of the work of our community partners, donors, and friends. Thank you all for being a part of our journey.

Jackson Water Crisis

In late July and early August 2022, Jackson began to fall into crisis after a major flood of the Pearl River and a crumbling water system. CFM stepped in to help, creating a hub for information, including an interactive map of all water distribution sites, a list of organizations to support, the latest city/state updates, ways to report pressure issues and other information. The Helping Friends and Neighbors Fund was also deployed to assist the long-term recovery of crisis. The fund saw over $1 million in donations from supporters around the country, small and large, including the WK Kellogg Foundation, Microsoft Corporation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Clean the World Foundation, Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust, The Walton Family Foundation, Starbucks Foundation, Make a Difference Foundation, Sycamore Capital, Atmos Energy, and the Greater Milwaukee Foundation.